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India's biggest masjid, is coming up in kerala being built on the outskirts of kozhikode. The masjid will have a built-up area of 250.000 sq.ft the mosque will reflect the universal brotherhood and spiritual enlightenment that Islam stands for.there will also be a library for Islamic research and a conference hall where both Muslims and non-Muslims can come in pursuit of knowledge. The share mubarak Grand masjid is planned on a 12 acre plot of which eight acres have been set apart for landscaping a moghul-style garden. The masjid with an open-sky courtyard is expected to be completed at a cost of rs 400 million

Committee President:
250000 sq.ft
Phone Number:
Friday Prayers:
12:10 PM
Other Activities:

India's biggest masjid to come up in kozhikode india's biggest masjid,is coming up in kerala being built on tge outskirts of kozhikode.the masjid will have a built-up area of 250.000 sq.ft themosque will reflect the universal brotherhood and spiritual enlightenment that islam stands for.there will also be a library for islamic research and a conference hall where both muslims and non-muslims can com in pursuit of knowledge the share mubarak Grand masjid is planned on a 12 acre plot of whick eight acres have been set apart for landscaping a mugul-style garden.the masjid with an open-sky courtyard is expected to be completed at a cost of rs 400 million

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90 Responses to “Share Mubarak Masjid”

  1. SAYED SHA says:


  2. ABDUL RAHIMAN.M says:


  3. muhammed shameem says:

    if its tru ,it will sucsses //allahu akbar

  4. Sayyid Hussain AB Lakshadweep says:

    Dear Muslims,

    We, The Indian Muslims, must have leader like AP Ustad in all our states. He is the one who never bend for political reasons. He has only one aim. Betterment and growth of Indian Muslims. He was the one who freed ” Aalims ” from political trap. Ya Allah give him a long healthy life. We are happy we have AP Ustad to lead. Al hamd lillah, he will complete this with the wish of Allah.

  5. Arif Kinya says:

    Masha Allah…Allahu Akbar…

  6. meher says:

    It is totally against Prophet’s (PBUH) teachings. This masjid is intentend to keep Propphet’s hair. Islam never taught to keep ”body wastes” of Prophets anywhere. Four Khalifas didn’t do this. This masjid is a fraudulant act of the said leader or group. This so called leader got the hair from a UAE national. He has got hundreds of hair ”belong” to Prophet (PBUH), which measures up to 1 meter. How come Prophet (PBUH) have this much long hair? Ustab don’t have any answer for this.

    • Rizwan says:

      Assalamualaikum. Brother, Meher.
      Don’t ever say that Prophet Mohammed Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam’s hair is waste…
      Read the hadees, about the water after our Beloved prophet’s Wazoo, Sahaba used to collect the water and apply to their faces. There are hadees about Prophets Blood and Saliva.

    • Naushad says:

      Dd u ever seen the length of holyhair .if nt see then leave comment

    • voiceofahlssunnah says:

      Meher, you are really ignorant and sorry to read your bad words about relics of Prohet Muhammad (S.A). See below sahih hadeeth reported by Imam Bukahri (ra) & Imam Muslim (ra.). May Allah open your eyes and show you the truth.

      Narrated Ibn Sirrn:

      I said to ‘Ablda, “I have some of the hair of the Prophet which I got from Anas or from his family.” ‘Abida replied. “No doubt if I had a single hair of that it would have been dearer to me than the whole world and whatever is in it.”

      ► Volume 1, Book 4, Number 171: Sahih Bukhari

      Anas reported: I saw when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) got his hair cut by the barber, his Companions came round him and they eagerly wanted that no hair should fall but in the hand of a person.

      ►Book 030, Number 5750: (Sahih Muslim)

    • Usmanklari says:

      If u want to get a correct answer please come to markaz and u can realize the truth

    • najeemsunni says:

      dear akhi
      1) have u heard of great sahabi SaifAllah (Sword of Allah) Khalid bin al-waleed radiallahuanhu. who fought 112 holy battles. Why did that sahabi keep holy hair in helmet, history says sahabi searched extensively for that helmet in one battle field when that helmet was lost. just serch youtube to see a scene captured relating this incident
      2) i believed this as Shahre mubarak just because of its length. Doesn’t the owner knows to cut it to pieces and keep for display since the present length might not appeal to all… the fact is that holy hair is growing. i verfied this from entirely different owner of a different sanad/shajara

  7. hey muslims
    this shaigh aboobaker ‘s plan to make a big masjid in name of prophet muhammed’s (s) hair (mubarak) will be run becos this share (mubarak) is prophets . no dought there to think another so ………
    yo think

  8. ben100.koduvayur.palakkad says:

    allahu akkbar… Masjidinte work ethrayum pettannu nadathane…

  9. ALLAHU AKKBAR….. Vimarshanangal poomalakalay sveekarich. MASJID paniyan teerumanicha A’SHAIKH A.P USTHADIN oraayiram ashamsakal ASSALAMU ALAIKUM

    SYS Hassan,Alikka

  10. shahulhameed says:


  11. Jasir and shahbaz says:

    There are proof n evidence dat sahabi’s have used great prophets (PBUH) belongings for many reasons like curing desease’s n we got d proof may this shahre be great wonder of the world may allah help us all yaallah

  12. Basith says:


  13. Abdu shukoor says:

    Putting all the stopword back its going on ….. Yes it going to be true. Proud for muslim ummath…. Share mubarak masjid is going to be true……Ap usthad zindhaabad…..ALLAHU AKBAR

  14. nazir mamba says:

    al hamdulillah

    no need to cry about our fate (eg,Babari Masjid)
    pray for the completion of the sha’re mubarak masjid and proud on it. Insha allah we will come back to the reality……………………………….

  15. Muhammed Shafa Kottuvala says:

    Ya, Kanthapuram you are the greatest leader in the world

  16. ubaidulla says:

    alhamdulillah ay allah bless u ya shaik aboobacker
    i am very happy ma sha allah

  17. abdul azeez says:

    al hamdu lilla,a person whom Alahu loves very much is one who learns his faith and teaches it to others,the well cultivated scholar of islam is emerged ,i e,Asshaik Assultan Aba Bakar Bin Ahmed Sutan

  18. umjeeb says:

    aall indians are anxieting to see the masjid, massha allah,
    ya shaik kanthapuram go on , we are all with, dont afraid leage sunni, they are fools

  19. rahman says:

    great masjid india …..god bless all indian muslim

  20. hussain.C.V. says:

    al hamdulillah, great great effort.sh.aboobacker, our prayes at all time for you. our love to our prophet will increase while while each muslim visit the mosque. and it will help to create a good realtionship between muslims and non muslims and others can understand the attitute of original muslims.

    • Rafeek says:

      Please use that money to help thousands of poor muslims in our state and their aged daughters. what are the benefit to build a big luxury masjid?
      Believe Allah……

  21. harshad says:

    allahu akbar

  22. Jithu Jamal says:

    Alhamdulillah, allahu akbar, Dear Kanthapuram usthad, our pray always with you, we are right, so we will win (Insha allah), we will achive the goal very soon, best wishes once again.

  23. Al-Haaj.A.O.K.S.THYYOUB ALI says:

    Alhamdulillah…, Am really very proud of this Work… Insha Allah, I ‘ll make duva to fulfill and complete this great masjid construction work successfully… Assalaamu Alaikum to Great Masjid Committee Members & workers… Allah may bless you all…
    Am Humble request to all muslims,
    please be unique between us…
    Unique is the strength for us to live peacefully in this ”Hindu”stan (India).
    Al-Haaj.A.O.K.S.Thyyoub Ali.,
    B.P.A.,Erode, TamilNadu.

  24. Abdussalam poovathy says:

    I am praying to sacces that grand mosk in kerala under the grand gruop(sys)and a grat leeder(AP usthad) allahu akber

  25. AHAMED says:

    There is doubt the biggest Masjid will come into being, the almighty Allah only knows the real truth and big lies behind the motive. The real source of 70CM hair is still unclear and not proved. Thousands and crores of Rupees have already been collected as contribution (Rs.1,000 per head from 4,00,000 innocent blindly believing poor people. It is very clear that a very big Mafia of real estate gang is behind the program who are dreaming of their own Township than the Mosque.

  26. AZHAR K.C Z ROAD says:

    Masha allha , Allahu akbar

  27. abdullakutty tirurangadi says:

    ya allah ,give long life to khamarul ulama kanthapuram with good health

  28. As we know a masjid is the place to worship God. Each and every organization can make masjid. She’are Mubarak Masjid is constructing with the expense from its supporters, not from all muslim named Keralites. So no body can oppose this masjid. God’s house should be protected by God himself. This masjid is only to worship Allah and not to worship prophet’s hair.

  29. ABDUL NASER says:

    I am very happy to know that SHARE MUBARAK MASJID is going to be real one in our own India as biggest one
    May GOD bless ULLAL THANGAL ,VAILATHURE THANGAL ,A P USTHAD and all our leaders .

  30. haniefa says:


  31. Fasil says:

    Give all support for this musjid.

  32. Ansar says:

    assalamualikkum i am very happy usthathin deerga ayuse nallkumaraavade ameen

  33. JAHANGHEER says:


  34. Shihabudheen says:

    Kalam tharunnu marupadi “SHA’RE MUBARAK”
    SSF zindabad

  35. Shihabudheen says:

    Allahu akbarallahu akbarallahu akbar, la ilaha illallahu allahu akbar. Allahu akbar valillahil hamd.

  36. muhammed m m says:

    allauh dirgaissum taratte a p uhstadinn

  37. Badharudheen says:

    الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر وللأهل حمد

  38. Suhaib says:

    Bhai Rafeek, Kabi mouka mile to markaz tashreef laiye waha apko dekne milega k waha kitne anaat bacche muft me apni padai kar rahe ha,or jaha tak apne is masjid ko luxury kaha ha wo Ustad ko rahne k lye nahi ha,masjid sabi k lye hota ha jo khuda k gar ha aap chahe to aap b akar usme ibadat kar sakte ha….Insha allah

  39. UNAIS.PALLATH says:

    …swallallahu ala muhammed swallallahu alihivasallam……
    ……….nabiyeee angayodulla snehathinu njangalkk…..karuthunalkeenamee ….

  40. moideen.vilakini.pookottur says:

    masha allaha allahu akbar

  41. basim cc says:


    • habeeb says:

      What is it mean yaar… “No one cant broke it”… then you mean everyone will come n broke it?? Okay that’s good… you too be a part of that if u r muslim….

  42. basim cc says:


  43. mohammed rasheed khan says:

    May allaah shower all the blessings to Sha’re mubarak masjid and AP Usthad and his followers….let it be a great theme among Indian Muslims…….

  44. muhammed sageer.k.a says:

    assalamu alikum
    hire alhumdulillah…………

  45. farookvv says:

    good work for indian muslim – Allahu Akber – Shaikha Aboobacker Indian Muslim Leader

  46. musthafa says:

    quike starting sharemubarkemasjid all keralamuslim.bake ap usthad

  47. arif from tamilnadu says:

    masha allah…………..
    alllahhu akbar………….

    allah can only rule world…..

  48. mohammed yasar says:

    masha allah,,,,,,
    thabaraka allahhh…….

  49. Usmanklari says:

    I strongly believe that this mosque is building not only for keeping prophet’s “Precious Hairs” only but also it will become an international museum of valuable things of prophet’s , his family members and his sahabas . In sha allaha that well reach there soon. All may lead us through correct path

  50. habeeb says:

    People started building masjids for getting Allah’s punishment… Na’oodubillah…

  51. Abdul Salam says:

    We should follow the origianl scholers like a Tajul Ulama, Qamaraul Ulama (Ap usthad)

    The God Almighty let give long life and healthy to our all scholers Ameen.

  52. Bassam says:

    First of all, everyone has to know the truth. The authenticity of the hair is still not verified. AP Aboobacker has failed to provide evidence that the hair belongs to Prophet Muhammad (S.A). All the hype created with regards to this hair is created by the blind followers of AP who doesn’t know anything and have blindly believed AP …. This mosque will not start to build for a very long time until AP clears himself from all the fraud that he has created .. including taking money in the name of mosque … causing problems in Kerala muslims …. and also leading his own Saqafi students who are ready to do anything for money. Please the world should know .. AP is using the islam and humanitarian image only for the sake of MONEY! he is not a 100% pious person. Ask as much Kerala Muslims as you can.

    • you should under stand one thong that if AP aboobacker musliar think to make money he can number of hospitsl first simble way to make money is to make hospitel in diffrent parts of kerala india etc but he is not redy he is buld mosque

      • it for to keep holly hire of profet muhammed nabi

      • Bassam says:

        You are wrong … you should understand it is not easy to build hospitals and earn money because people should come to these hospitals and also it should have reputed doctors to earn a big income .. he is building a mosque because there are lots of foolish puppet followers of his and he capitalizes on their beliefs to earn easy money. His intention is not build a mosque for prayers, but make it a tourist destination thereby generating income from real estate

        • Bassam says:

          And it is not holy hair, because AP told that EK leaders have got hair from the same place where he got from, and EK leaders have openly showed in Asianet news that the hair has shadow … so it is fake not holy … and also the real makers of fake AP sanad they left AP and came to EK group and told the truth. But AP is a liar and a cheat, so he cannot stop himself from telling lies.

  53. Rasheed Bahrain says:

    Good work for Indian muslim – Allahu Akber – Shaikha Aboobacker Indian Muslim Leader

  54. jabir says:

    allahu ethra parishudhen.A

    p usthadhinum, prasthanathinum ennum allahu nanma choriytte………. Ameen

  55. midhulaj says:

    allahu akbar ap usthath dinal vayatte

  56. muhammed haris KANTHAPURAM says:

    ALLAHU AKBAR usthadinu allahu deerkhayussu kodukkatte

  57. Mohammed says:

    Enthinum Allahu Akbar ennu parayunna ee kuraafigalude pokk engotaanu?
    Avasanam AP Aboobacker Musliyar, Anthya Pravaachakan aayi maarumo? Allaante karaamat kitti ennu paranjaal mathiyallo?
    Thiruppathi mudi kond kalikkunna kali kandaal angane thonnum

  58. Dr. Abdul Hameed says:

    Allahu Akbar,

    It is proud to all Muslims in India. Let Allah make it good to our community and reward every one behind it and provide strength and power to them.

    • Bassam says:

      No, this mosque in its current beginning of events can never be a pride to muslims … it has to be only built in the name of a mosque for prayers, and not for showcasing a fake hair and falsely proclaiming it as prophets …. It will be a disaster for Kerala muslims if this shameless cheat and liar AP will make this mosque and put fake hair inside ….

  59. Ajmal says:

    Masjid adukunad usthdinte veetil kodupokanala ethrayum valiya palli varunad muslimkalk anum oru abimanaman allahu akbar palliyude paniyal pettan theerkane allah

  60. Muhammed Hussain says:

    Thanks AP USTAD

  61. machingappara says:

    ഇത് ഇന്ത്യന്‍ മുസ്ലിംങ്ങളുടെ അഭിമാന കേന്ദ്രം ഉള്ളാല്‍ തങ്ങള്‍ക്കും എ പി ഉസ്താതിന്നും അഭിവാദ്യങ്ങള്‍


  62. FAISAL.MK says:

    ഒരു സുന്നി സാംസ്‌കാരിക കേന്ദ്രവുംകൂടി

  63. ashraf goonadka sulli says:

    allahu akbar asoyakkare sharrne thott kakane alla.

  64. muhammed shafi ps says:

    alhamdulillah indian muslimukalude abimana kendramaya share mubarak masjid dawthyam poorthiyakuvan indian muslimukalude nethavaya kandapuram ap usthadinu allahu thawfeeq nalkatte………………ameen

    Jay—- sys, ssf, sbs

  65. muhammed shafi ps says:

    sharemubarak dawthyam.
    sunni nedhakkalkum, sunni muslimkalkum allahu dheergayussu nalkate aameen

    muhammed salman ps kootapadam
    SBS Kakkatiri unit trusherer

  66. Muhamed says:

    assalamu alaikum

    i am sunni, and iam always prayer to Muslim,
    I said thanks to usthad for making like this moosque
    and we will prayer for usthad

  67. Muhamed says:

    Dear Usthad ,

    we will expect your prayer in all times

    Thanks @ Regards

    SSF Koorikuzhi Unit

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